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Found in Translation – GENESIS ONE

J.R. Kent has solved a 2,500-year-old mystery that eludes both the long-held beliefs of religion and the modern theories of science! Genesis One is the first book of the Bible, an ancient creation account for the origins of the Earth, plants, animals, and humans. However, when reading its thirty-one verses the succession of these events may seem bewildering and out of the natural order. The premise of this book illustrates in startling detail that the words in this amazing religious story have been misinterpreted, and in fact they perfectly correlate with the actual geology of the Earth and the evolution of its inhabitants! There are several reasons why this unbelievable mystery has not been revealed until now. First, the Genesis One author wrote this story in the original Hebrew language, but many of the words that summarize the precise sequence of these events have been lost in translation by the many biblical versions that followed. Second, the discoveries of modern science now put us at a point in time when this correlation has now been found in translation—information that people from earlier generations could not have possibly known.
But, here’s the thing—
How is it conceivable that someone could have possessed this knowledge in ancient times, and then write about it in thirty-one concise verses?

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